Dian Shan Undercover Angel

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06/03 Dortmund, Germany-Dian...
2½ jahrige Hündinn, mittel kräftiger, Knochenbau,...
09/19 Vejen, Denmark-Dian Shan...
Very attractive female, strong short couple, would do better with a few...
09/10 Akkerhaugen, Norway-Dian...
Vakker hode og uttrykk, fine ører, gode proportioner, kompakt god...
09/10 Högbo, Sweden-Dian Shan...
Vacker helhet, härligt huvud, vackert uttryck, utm. öron. Fin...
09/10 Högbo, Sweden-Dian Shan...
Ca 2 år välproportionerlig, bra storlek, dejligt huved, v...
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Dian Shan Undercover Angel
Child from litter: 

Norwegian Clubwinner 2017, Norwegian CH and Swedish CH
Name: Dian Shan Undercover Angel
Nick name: Angel
Sex: Female
Colour: Red
DKK Pedigree: DK20939/2010
Breeders: Hanne Fogtmann & Kaj Pedersen

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Dian Shan Undercover Angel
Dian Shan Undercover Angel
Dian Shan Undercover Angel


Show date Title Place
12/05/2013 V 4 Dortmund, Germany read more
15/09/2012 Excellent 1, Best Mittel... Vejen, Denmark read more
02/09/2012 Excellent 1, Best Female 4,... Högbo, Sweden read more
01/09/2012 Excellent 1, Best Female, CK... Högbo, Sweden read more
31/08/2012 Excellent 1, Best Female 3,... Högbo, Sweden read more
25/08/2012 Excellent 1, Best Junior... Akkerhaugen, Norway read more
03/06/2012 V1, Anw Dt Ch VDH, CAC, BOS Neumünster, Germany read more
02/06/2012 V1, res. CACIB, Anw Dt Ch VDH... Neumünster, Germany read more
27/05/2012 Exellent 1, CK, Res. CAC,... Kirkenær, Norway read more
26/05/2012 Exellent 1, CK, CAC, Best... Kirkenær, Norway read more
15/10/2011 very good Aars, Denmark. read more
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Dian Shan Undercover Angel
Dian Shan Independent Masha

Litchi Chow FengShui


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CH. Cross B'S Mr Wun-Der-Ful

Good Luck Charm of the Royal Club
CH. Incipit Proxima

CH. Chrisjas's Minister Ceaser

Rahnee Dhao's Enchance Incipit

Dian Shan Noble Nadja

N S CH & NV-04 Yama Jefferson

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