A litter

Nin-T´Sun Quarzo
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Dian Shan Another Day In Paradaise
Dian Shan Another Day In Paradaise


Nin-T´Sun Quarzo

Kwaitang Kapo Di Monte

Kyong Kristian Dior at Kwaitang

Melclare Morello

Jowtrix Eliza Red at Kyong
Midnight Rose at Kwaitang
Shayuz Gideon at Kwaitang

Clejay Daisey May
Fuh-Thu-Chow´s Bolette

Cao Of The China´s Joy

Beau -Chien Kwei- Jang

Chissy of The China`s Joy

Ciang-Tai´s Gail

Lechan My Guy
Dian Shan Undercover Angel

Dian Shan Independent Masha

Litchi Chow FengShui


(Dian Shan) Felicia

Incipit Uma

Daydream Believer of the Royal Club

CH. Incipit Proxima

Dian Shan Noble Nadja

N S CH & NV-04 Yama Jefferson

Rio Celebrates GoodTimes At Towsushet

Yama Hot Gossip

Incipit Riana

Katrinedal's Mr Knightley

Incipit Jewel

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